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Hong Kong (2007-09)

KÓ - Products

Hong Kong (2007-09)


KÓ - Products

Hong Kong (2007-09) 


Individuals from Katrín Ólína's Menagerie of Misfits have often found their way into her graphic art commissions. Between 2007-09 Ólína began to develop her own range of product lines either for specific events or exhibitions. The product lines are always limited editions and have been sold either by galleries or concept shops in various places around the world including, Helsinki, Reykjavik, Hong Kong and Tokyo. 

Hand painted porcelain side dishes produced in an edition of 50 of each. Buying info : ask@katrinolina.com



Women Awards

Arsenic and Lace is a collection of unique decorative brooches that were hand made by local women in Hong Kong in 2007. The goal of the project was to empower women by bringing them together in a platform to make creative hand work that celebrates women. 


The name Arsenic&Lace pays hommage to the famous Frank Capra film, Arsenic and old Lace from 1944. Like an award, the brooches can be worn one or many together, on a jacket, on a shirt, bag etc. They are made with one or more of the following; cotton, ribbon, fresh water pearls, fur, metal chain and feathers. Buying info : out of stock.




100% Silk Scarf. Edition of 500. Available with black or white silk fringe or with out. Front of scarf is covered with an illustration featuring the Grinning ghost, Katrin Olina's signature character, and The Flying Mermaid in a crime riddle where secrets, death and spooky characters creep around flaming landscapes. Back of scarf is decorated with a monogram pattern of Katrin Olina’s Eagle crest. This product is packaged in a special Katrin Olina handmade box.

Buying info : ask@katrinolina.com